About Us

“Music is reality because it makes you feel, and what you feel is always honest.” –Aniefre Essien, Vaytus Founder

We’re a bunch of musicians and music lovers that don’t believe in the status quo. We know that good music makes life better, and the best, most honest music is being made by indie musicians not heard on the radio. Vaytus will bring a new approach to music discovery, making it easy for our listeners to find great new artists who create for the love, not for the pop charts.

Live elevated.


The Vaytus Origin Story

Music is supposed to elevate the human condition—even the sad, sappy love songs. Music should reach down into your soul, touch something that’s real, and make you feel more alive. We believe this.

For example, have you ever heard a song that, in that moment, was everything? A song so good that you said to yourself, “This might be the greatest song I’ve ever heard!” Or at a minimum, a song that was so dope, you wanted everyone you knew to know about it. That feeling isn’t fake. It isn’t some plastic attempt to be on trend with the latest pop fad. It’s the kind of truth that’ll endure… like the barz spit by Rakim, the notes played by Coltrane, and the lyrics sang by John Lennon.  

We used to get this magical experience from the radio. Then we didn’t. Don’t worry; this isn’t going to be a rant about the “good old days” and how things used to be so much better. Instead, it’s simply acknowledging that for many of us it’s difficult to find great new music that speaks to our reality, making us believe, if just for a moment, that it is “everything.” Because of this, Vaytus was born.  

Our Founder/CEO is an avid music listener, and in particular he grew up as a huge Hip Hop head. He loved the variety of lyrical styles and themes presented in Hip Hop, whether it was the esoterically profound knowledge of X-Clan, the chill lyricism of A Tribe Called Quest, or the raw reality rap of Ice Cube. It was unfiltered. It was authentically artistic, and spoke truth into the world.

After watching Hip Hop go from being the ostracized, unfiltered voice of the inner-city, to the pop culture darling, to the fantasy land that it is today, he became frustrated. He understood the point Nas was trying to make in Hip Hop is Dead, but he refused to accept it. This refusal led him to discover the underground scene, and all of the dope music it was producing: Pep Love, Otayo Dubb, Denmark Vessey and so many others. He became inspired to find a way to help spread dope indie music.

The first thing he did was build a team of brilliant, hard working Hip Hop heads that wanted to do work. We know there is a vast sea of dope Hip Hop out there but it’s getting drowned out by pop music pretending to be the real deal. Our team is committed to curating a radio and playlist experience worthy of real heads. We are not the sole authority on great Hip Hop, and would never want to be, but we are a great place to discover and enjoy amazing music that you likely wouldn’t hear elsewhere.

Live elevated.


What does Vaytus mean?

Vaytus, pronounced vayt-us, means “elevate us.” The idea is quite simple: we want to improve the lives of music lovers and music makers by helping great indie music reach as many people as possible.


The Vaytus mission:

Our mission is to relentlessly deliver artistically authentic music that deeply engages humanity, elevating the listener above mundane commercialism to tap into their higher selves.


Vaytus Values:

We operate according to six values, which collectively can be summarized as “No bull shit!”

  1. Be obsessed with the mission
  2. Be optimistic
  3. Move in transparency and truth
  4. Be solution oriented
  5. Have a sense of urgency
  6. Do great work